Resources and Services

Government Working for You

Your student government is here to support you. We can help you find funding for your student organization or departmental aspirations, connect you to university and contracted services including access to legal services and transportation, and make your events happen with creative promotion and event support. 

Services for Students

I-Fee Funded Services

Campus-wide contracts are funded by the Incidental Fee. These contracts ensure student access to services that are not provided by the university. The Contracts Finance Committee (CFC) manages these agreements.

Resources for Student Families

We know that supporting your family and going to school at the same time is strenuous. This is why ASUO subsidizes the costs associated with caring for the children of student parents.

Student Tickets for Athletics

ASUO no longer provides student access to athletic events, as the agreement with UO Athletics has expired.


Advocacy Support

The Student Advocacy Program provides support and assistance to Incidental-Fee paying students who are involved in a dispute with the University of Oregon. This service is managed by Student Government Engagement and Success.

Legal Support

Incidental-Fee paying students are eligible to receive legal advice and consultation from ASUO contracted attorneys through ASUO Student Legal Services. Consultations are available by appointment only.

Basic Needs Support

ASUO recognizes that basic needs, such as food and housing, are essential to student success. Resources are available to support students in regard to food security and basic needs.

Services for ASUO Student Organizations

ASUO Finance

ASUO Finance is an Incidental Fund resource and service center for ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations and ASUO Officers.

ASUO Finance

Surplus Funding

ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations work with Student Senate to request surplus funding and budget changes. An official from your organization must meet with a senator, submit an application, and have it reviewed by the ASUO President. Allow three to seven weeks for this process.

Surplus and Transfer Requests

Financial Guidelines

Information and guidelines about ASUO-managed fund activities common to ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations are published for reference. This information is maintained by ASUO Finance.

Common Expenditure Rules

Leadership Support

Resource support and guidance is available to the leaders of all ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations. We can help with event planning, training and education, graphic design, digital display, marketing, fundraising, promotion, and more.

Get Support

Marketing support is available to all ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations.

Marketing Support

Civic Participation in Oregon

The Associated Students of the University of Oregon is committed to developing an active and informed community. One of the ways we do this is by encouraging engagement in democracy through civic learning, political engagement, and voter participation. 

  • We plan and coordinate an annual campaign—in cooperation with our contract service providers—designed to ensure that UO students are registered to vote and committed to participating in elections. This activity occurs each fall.
  • Our staff coordinate drop-in support to students interested in registering to vote in Oregon or instructions regarding how to revise your address with the Oregon Secretary of State to ensure your ballot reaches you.
  • The University of Oregon is a partner in the ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge, which empowers colleges and universities to achieve excellence in student democratic engagement.

Learn More About Voter Registration

Annual Budget Process

Each fall ASUO begins to identify their recommended budget for the allocation of more than $17 million in student fees. During this process, officers of the ASUO Legislative Branch meet with hundreds of units, including recognized student organizations, ASUO contracted services, department-based programs, and the student union, to consider their budgets for the coming year. This process begins annually in September and ends the first weekend of February, with the bulk of the activity occurring in January.

Budget Process

ASUO Street Faire

Everyone is welcome at ASUO’s bi-annual Street Faire, which brings the campus community together in support of food and fun. Proceeds from the fair help to fund food security endeavors for University of Oregon students. By participating, vendors and attendees are helping to ensure that Ducks don’t go hungry.

Learn More About Street Faire