Resources and Services

Government Working for You

Your student government is here to support you. We can help you find funding for your student organization or departmental aspirations, connect you to university and contracted services including access to legal services and transportation, and make your events happen with creative promotion and event support. 

Services for Students


I-Fee Funded Services

Campus-wide contracts are funded by the Incidental Fee. These contracts ensure student access to services that are not provided by the university. The Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee (ACFC) manages these agreements.

Resources for Student Families

The children, spouses, and domestic partners of UO students are eligible for certain ASUO-coordinated services. These services include the dependent benefits program, childcare subsidy, and two child care centers.

Student Tickets for Athletics

ASUO coordinates with UO Athletics to provide student access to regular season athletic events. This agreement is managed by the Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee (ACFC).


Services for ASUO Student Organizations


ASUO Finance

ASUO Finance is an Incidental Fund resource and service center for ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations and ASUO Officers.

Surplus Funding

ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations work with Student Senate to request surplus funding and budget changes. An official from your organization must meet with a senator, submit an application, and have it reviewed by the ASUO President. Allow three to seven weeks for this process.

ASUO Creative Services

Graphic design, digital display, and procedural assistance are available to all ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations.

Leadership Support

Resource support and guidance is available to the leaders of all ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations. We can help with event planning, training and education, fundraising, promotion, and more.

ASUO Street Faire

ASUO hosts a bi-annual event which brings food vendors, artisans, non-profits and student organizations together in the heart of campus. Traditionally occurring in October and May, there are several ways to participate

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