Fundraising, Donations, and Event Ticketing

With prior approval, ASUO Recognized Student Organizations may seek donations and initiate endeavors which raise money for their organization or a related service. The term "fundraising" refers to student group events and activities which raise monies through activities. Fundraising includes the solicitation of donations, the charging of admission, and the sale or exchange of products or services.

Student organizations may seek fundraising support and assistance at ASUO Finance. 

Fundraising Pre-Approval

All student organization fundraising activity occurring on campus, including the solicitation of donations, requires prior approval. To seek approval, ASUO-Recognized Student Organization officers must complete a pre-approval form.

Fundraising and Donation Request

Requests for pre-approval must include the following information:

  • Purpose of the event or activity
  • Description, including date, time, location, estimated number of attendees/solicitations
  • What the funds will be used for
  • The index or account to which the funds will be deposited­­­­

Apparel Sales

Student organizations that wish to promote their organization and raise money through the pre-arranged sale of merchandise (e.g. T-shirts), must obtain prior approval and should contact ASUO Finance for assistance and support.

Event Ticketing

Occasionally, student organizations host large-scale events or conferences which includes ticketed admission to the general public. For ticketed events, organizations are required to adhere to fundraising regulations which include fundraising pre-approval, ticket controls and audit procedures. To arrange ticketing, student organization should seek pre-approval and contact UO Ticketing in advance of the event.

ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations accruing cashier fees which are associated with event ticking or cash collection may access funds to help subsidize these costs. Cashier fees may be subsidized by an ASUO Executive fund which allows for a maximum of $50 per event and three events per term. Contact ASUO Finance for more details. 


Student organizations planning to solicit funds for donation or that have successfully raised money may deposit or transfer these funds at ASUO Finance. A fundraising pre-approval form is required.

Donors who wish to receive a tax deduction may give online through the UO Foundation. A standard 3 to 5% processing fee will be applied to donations collected in this manner. If the donor uses a credit card for their financial gift, then there is an additional 3% fee for the card transaction (on top of the processing fee). After the funds are donated, the student organization will need to authorize ASUO Finance to transfer the money to the student organization’s D- or U- Fund. For more details, contact ASUO Finance.

Common Fundraising Policies

I-Fund may not be used to raise funds in order to avoid policies or rules.

Student Senate Rules regulate the use of incidental fees for purposes of fundraising. Specifically, I-Funds may not be used to generate income for a purpose that could not otherwise be funded with incidental fees.

Proceeds from I-Fund activity must be deposited into E-Fund.

Senate rules identify that all proceeds from I-Fund-related endeavors must be deposited into the student organization’s event revenue fund (also referred to as E-Fund).

I-Fund may not be used for charity or donations.

University expense guidelines prohibit the use of funds – I-Funds included – for donations or voluntary contributions. Funds raised, however, may be donated to “legitimate charitable organizations,” as determined by the EMU Director or designee(s) and with prior approval from ASUO Finance. 

Fundraising on campus must meet UO Policy and approval requirements.

UO Fund Raising Policy requires the advance approval of any fundraising endeavors undertaken by student groups on campus. This includes events and activities which raise monies through the solicitation of donations, the charging of admission, or the sale or exchange of products or services. Therefore, no student organization may engage in fundraising, except pursuant to prior approval procedures.

Further, this policy specifies the following acceptable uses to which funds raised on campus by students or student groups may be put:

  • For the cultural and educational enrichment of the University community
  • For the benefit of the student fundraising organization, in line with its statement of purpose filed at the time of registration or recognition
  • For donation to legitimate charitable organizations (the decision of the legitimacy rests with the EMU Director or designee)

This policy also requires any student organizations engaged in fundraising to file a financial report seven days before the end of each term, or within seven days after any fundraising event in which gross receipts exceed $1,000. The report must include the amount of funds raised, a list of itemized expenditures, a net balance, and a list of itemized uses to which the balance has been or will be put. Filing instructions are described in this policy.

ASUO-Sponsored Events which require tickets are subject to controls and audit procedures.

UO Fund Raising Policy delegates ticket controls and audit procedures to the Erb Memorial Union staff. ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations may seek ticket collection-related information and referral from ASUO Finance.

While inquiries related to ticket controls are not common, several student organizations are engaged in ticket distribution for their cornerstone events, and it is highly recommended that representatives from these organizations consult with ASUO Finance and UO Ticketing to ensure they fully understand how this policy may impact their event.