Surplus and Transfer Requests

Surplus and Transfer Requests

Surplus Requests

Certain I-Fee funded organizations, including ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations, Department-Based Programs, and EMU-Based Programs, are eligible to request funds from the I-Fee Surplus account. This five-step process allows qualifying organizations to seek financial support for expenditures beyond what their organization was allocated during ASUO’s annual budget process.

Transfer Requests

ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations are financially accountable to the line item descriptions identified in their annual budget. Should an organization wish to spend their funds for a purpose not outlined in their current budget, they will need to request to transfer funds internally.

Any requests which result in surplus allocations to ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations or funds transferred within an ASUO-Recognized Student Organization’s budget must be spent prior to June 30 (fiscal year-end).

The request process is coordinated by Student Senate with the assistance of ASUO Finance.

How to Request Surplus Funds and Initiate Internal Transfers

1. Discuss Request with an ASUO Officer

Required for:

  • ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations requesting or transferring more than $999
  • Department-based program requests (these requests must also be approved by DFC Officer)

Requestor must meet with an ASUO Senator to review and discuss their request. It is the requestor’s responsibility to coordinate this meeting. This step must occur before 6:00 p.m. on a Monday for placement on that week’s Senate agenda.

2. Complete and Submit the Appropriate Request Form

Officers from ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations and department-based programs are eligible to submit requests. Only ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations may request internal transfers. Once received, ASUO Finance will review submissions. Requests with insufficient or unclear data will be returned to the sender for correction. Requests submitted by ineligible organizations or individuals not listed as officers within their organization will be rejected.


to help users identify data that will be needed to complete the form

3. Testify in Support of Request

Requestors will be notified by email when their request is scheduled for a hearing. During the academic year, Student Senate meets weekly on Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. Requestors should be prepared to speak in support of the request at the date and time outlined in the email. Requestors are welcome to bring representatives.

Senate Agenda

4. Receive a Senate Ruling

At the hearing, Student Senate may vote to support, deny, modify, or table your request. Senate action in support of a request is communicated post-meeting to the ASUO president, who will review it. This may take several days to a week’s time. Requestors are welcome (not required) to reach out to the ASUO president with information in support of their request.

Email ASUO President

5. Final Action

Any senate action approved by the ASUO president is immediately transferred to ASUO Finance, who bears responsibility for executing the fund transfer. This may take up to five working days.

Any senate action denied or vetoed by the ASUO president will pend for five days. In the event that Student Senate overrides the action vetoed by the president, this action will be communicated by Senate directly to ASUO Finance, who bears responsibility for executing the fund transfer. This make take up to five working days.

Return Incidental Funds to Surplus

ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations whose plans and expenditures have changed such that they will no longer need the incidental funds in their budget which were allocated for a specific purpose may return the excess funds to Senate Surplus. Once any incidental funds are returned, the funds may no longer be recouped by the organization.

to help users identify data that will be needed to complete the form

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