ASUO's Annual Budget Process

ASUO's Annual Budget Process

Each year, ASUO coordinates a process by which the Incidental Fund Budget and the amount of the Incidental Fee are determined for the next fiscal year. The budget process involves discussion, collaboration, negotiation, and debate, and occurs annually between July and February.

The 2023–24 Budget Process, by which the 2024–25 “FY25” Incidental Fund Budget will be determined, includes the following dates and deadlines:

July–September, 2023: ASUO's Legislative and Executive officers discuss and determine their financial priorities.

October 2–November 3, 2023: I-Fee Funded Units meet with a member of the ASUO Legislative Committee which authorizes their budget to discuss goals and gain insight of the committee’s financial priorities. Afterward, I-Fee Funded Units submit a formal budget request.

November 3, 2023: Last day for an I-Fee Funded Unit to request a FY25 budget.

October 9, 2023–January 18, 2024 (excluding university breaks): Incidental Fund budgets are considered, unit by unit, within each of ASUO’s three finance committees.

February 3, 2024: The committee-approved budgets are considered during an all-day ASUO Student Senate Hearing. The goal of this hearing is to finalize ASUO's FY25 Incidental Fund Budget Recommendation as well as determine the amount of the Incidental Fee.

February 4–12, 2024: The ASUO President determines whether to approve or veto the FY25 Incidental Fund Budget Recommendation. If vetoed, scenarios play out in accordance with ASUO Rules and Incidental Fee Policies.

By February 16, 2024: An FY25 Incidental Fund Budget Recommendation which meets the approval of the Legislative and Executive Branch is forwarded to UO President Scholz for review.

March 11–12, 2024: The Board of Trustees considers ASUO’s FY25 Incidental Fund Budget Recommendation. If approved, the budget and the amount of the Incidental Fee are finalized.

For I-Fee Funded Units, the Budget Process involves four steps:

1. Examine your organization’s financial needs for the period July 1, 2024–June 30, 2025, FY25

I-Fee funded units should consider the funds that will be needed to support your organization’s 2024–25 aspirations. Research the costs associated with your goals and compare this to your current budget.

Department-based programs and contract service providers must file an anticipated budget, or benchmark, by October 8, 2023.

2. Discuss your organization's budget goals with an ASUO Officer

Review your anticipated budget with an ASUO Officer from the finance committee which authorizes your budget. During the meeting, be prepared to discuss the aspirations of your organization and the funds necessary to support them. Request a meeting by emailing the committee or drop-in to the ASUO Suite during a time when a committee member is holding office hours. The last day to meet with an officer is November 3, 2023 (the same day that budget requests are due), however, we highly encourage advance planning!

3. Prepare a budget request and submit it by November 3, 2023

Budget request packets will be e-distributed to all units by October 6, 2023. Any I-Fee funded organization, department, or service provider who has not received a budget packet by this date should contact ASUO Finance.

Budget requests will be collected using the Campus Labs/Engage platform and are due by November 3, 2023. The link to the appropriate budget request form for your organization will be circulated to you by the committee which authorizes your budget.

Requests received from organizations, departments, and service providers before the deadline will be advanced to an I-Fee budget hearing in order to be considered for inclusion in ASUO’s FY25 I-Fee Budget Recommendation. Once submitted, your organization may be asked to revise and resubmit to address missing or inaccurate data; this action is due by November 9, 2023.

I-Fee funded units who fail to submit (or revise/resubmit) an electronic budget request by the deadline will not be considered for inclusion in ASUO’s 2023-24 I-Fee Budget Recommendation. 

Reference documents–such as the Current Service Level memo and the Stipend Model–may be helpful as you develop your budget.

4. Arrange and attend your budget hearing

I-Fee requesting units must formally describe their budget request at a budget hearing. Upon receipt of your budget request, an ASUO Officer will communicate regarding available hearing times. Your action is required to ensure that your budget request is heard in committee. Hearings occur between October 9, 2023, and January 18, 2024.

At the hearing, be prepared to explain your budget request and respond to questions about it with ASUO officers. Bring a copy of your budget request with you. Your budget may be adjusted by the committee at the hearing. Once a budget is voted and passed at a budget hearing, the budget becomes part of ASUO’s I-Fee Budget Recommendation.*

You have the right to appeal the committee’s decision regarding your budget by filing an Appeal Form. The deadline to do so is 5:00 p.m. on January 18, 2024.

*The I-Fee budget recommendation–and your budget if included–becomes final after Senate, the ASUO President, and the UO Board of Trustees have each approved it.

Assistance and Support for I-Fee Funded Units

  • Drop-in budget support is available at ASUO Finance for ASUO Recognized Student Organizations during regular business hours.
  • Student organizations, please contact the Programs Finance Committee at
  • Department-based programs, please contact the Departments Finance Committee at
  • Contract service providers, please contact the Contracts Finance Committee at