Travel and Lodging

All student organization travel requires pre-authorization at least four weeks prior to the first date of travel. This is true for travel paid all, in part, or not funded by the student organization's budget.

Pre-authorization is required for travel-related expenses, such as transportation, lodging, meals, or registration fees and is required for all travel reimbursement requests.

Travel Pre-Authorization Form

Air Travel

ASUO uses Premier Travel for student organization bookings.

Student organizations should get a quote from Premier Travel directly at 541-747-0909. Immediately (same day) after receiving a quote, submit it to ASUO, along with travel date, time, and location, using the Airfare Request Form.

Form must be submitted and approved before 3:00 p.m. on the day airfare needs to be booked to purchase the ticket for the quoted price. Forms received after 3:00 p.m. will be reviewed the next business day, in which the quoted price may change.

Airfare Request Form

Vehicle Travel

All student organization vehicle travel requires a driver's license and UO driver certification. This is true for use of personal vehicles, rental vehicles, and vehicles from UO Motor Pool.

When completing the Driver Certification Request form online, if your org does not have a “supervisor,” please add Nicole Nelson, SGES Administrative Coordinator,, as your supervisor. List your department as ASUO [student org].

UO driver certifications expire annually on September 30.

Apply for Driver Certification

UO Motor Pool

Individuals traveling on university business with a valid driver's license and driver certification may rent vehicles short term from UO Motor Pool. If driving a van, an additional OSU Van Driver Certification is required.

If this is your first time requesting a vehicle from UO Motor Pool, please follow these steps: 

  1. Submit UO Driver Certification form* 
  2. Submit OSU Driver Authorization form* 
  3. Submit Van Driver Certification (required for van requests only)*  
  4. Submit ASUOF Travel Pre-Auth form
  5. Submit Motor Pool Reservation form. Be sure to list as an additional contact. 
  6. Submit PO Request 

* These steps are required once per year, September 1 through August 30, for all drivers.  Proof of driver and van certifications must be attached to ASUOF purchase order (PO) requests.    

After the above steps are complete, ASUOF will review your request form, and if approved, obtain a Motor Pool Reservation Number. When you pick up the vehicle, be sure to bring a copy of Step #6 PO Request approval with you.

Motor Pool Reservation Request

Vehicle Rentals and Personal Vehicle Use

Arrange vehicle rentals and use of personal vehicle at least three weeks in advance of travel with ASUO Finance during business hours. Complete the Use of Personal Vehicle for UO Business request form before you come in.

Request to Use Personal Vehicle for UO Business


Students traveling to hotels on business work with ASUO Finance on lodging accommodations well in advance of their travel date. To save time, complete the Travel Pre-Authorization Form and contact ASUO Finance to schedule a procurement card (ASUO Credit Card) appointment if needed.

Student organizations traveling as a group may need to arrange a personal service contract which requires four to six weeks advance planning. Consult with ASUO Finance during business hours.


Expenditures for meals occurring during pre-approved student organization-affiliated travel is subject to UO travel policies which include a rate cap (also called per diem). Per diem rates may not be exceeded. Please consult with ASUO Finance.