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The ASUO strives to provide for the social, cultural, educational, and physical development of its members and for the advancement of their individual and collective interests both within the university and the community at large. The ASUO represents each of the more than 20,000 students at UO and oversee an annual budget of approximately $17 million.


The ASUO serves as the student-led and university-recognized student government at the University of Oregon. The ASUO is the primary campus mechanism through which students can express collective opinions on UO policies and procedures, as well as organize and advocate in campaigns to benefit student interests both on campus and throughout the wider community. The ASUO also recommends and allocates the student Incidental Fee, and coordinates the recognition of student organizations.


The ASUO is structured into three distinct branches, each with separate designated roles set forth in the ASUO constitution.

ASUO Executive Branch

Luda Isakharov

ASUO President

Kavi Shrestha

ASUO Vice President

Maxwell Ely

ASUO General Chief of Staff

Meghan Turley

ASUO External Chief of Staff

Lucien Lasocki

Internal Chief of Staff and Programs Coordinator

Brad Morin

ASUO Finance Director

Nailah Dowell

ASUO Director of Hiring

Natty Leof

ASUO Elections Coordinator

ASUO Executive Branch Office Hours

ASUO Legislative Branch

Irisa Mehta

Senate President, Senate Seat 10

Madison Sanders

Senate Vice President, Senate Seat 12

Madison McDonald

Senate Treasurer, PFC Chair, Senate Seat 02

Kayla Kruger

Senate Ombudsperson, Senate Seat 21

Heather Barclay

Senate Academic Chair, Senate Seat 17

Jenna Travers

CFC Chair, Senate Seat 08

Sara Harvey

DFC Chair, DFC At Large Seat 01

Madison McDonald

Senate Treasurer, PFC Chair, Senate Seat 02

ASUO Legislative Branch Office Hours

ASUO Judicial Branch

Jessica Mason

Chief Justice

Jordan Galik

Constitution Court Associate Justice - Seat 01

Jessica Mason

Constitution Court Associate Justice - Seat 02

Simmone Landau

Constitution Court Associate Justice - Seat 03

Isaiah Hardy

Constitution Court Associate Justice - Seat 04


Constitution Court Associate Justice - Seat 05

ASUO Judicial Branch Information


The ASUO elected and appointed officials are supported by full-time professional and student staff members who help direct the financial, logistical, and policy work carried out by the various ASUO branches, committees, and offices.

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