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Working with Student Organizations

Student organization leaders (university students) are not eligible to enter into agreements on behalf of the university. Instead, student leaders bring the terms of a pre-negotiated agreement to ASUO Financial Services and this service center coordinates the creation and execution of the agreement on behalf of the student organization. Student leaders do this by submitting a request to the service center at least six (sometimes four) weeks prior to the activity.

Service providers and vendors who wish to establish a legal agreement with a student organization should know:

  • ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations are not independent entities from the University of Oregon. Agreements and contracts for student organization activity must include the approval of an authorized representative of the University of Oregon.
  • Agreements and contracts must be fully executed (signed by authorized university representative) at least four weeks in advance of the activity. Certain types of agreements require six-weeks advance execution.
  • The two most common types of service contracts for student organizations include a purchase order for service and a personal service contract. 
  • Certain types of legal agreements may be paid for with a university credit card. For these situations, ASUO Financial Services will arrange an advance payment on behalf of the student organization.
  • For services which do not involve a credit card payment, the university pays net 30 upon receiving confirmation of service or an invoice. Only in rare situations will service providers working with student organizations be paid for their services in advance.

Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification Form

The university requires a UO Substitute W-9 form or an original W-8 form and supporting documents in order to process:

  • Invoices
  • Registrations
  • Subscriptions
  • Travel reimbursements
  • Hotels
  • Personal service contracts
  • Purchase orders for services
  • Contracts

Because W-8 and W-9 tax forms contain sensitive data, this information may not be collected or shared using email. Instead, vendors working with ASUO Student Organizations should upload their completed W-8 or W-9 using the ASUO Financial Services OneDrive drop folder.

Vendor Payment Options

Paper Checks

A paper check is the most common form of payment issued by the university to vendor payments related to student organization activities. UO checks are valid for six months from date of issuance. Paper checks are mailed to the address listed on the vendor’s W-9 or W-8. 

Foreign individuals or entities may request that paper checks be sent to an alternate mailing address instead of the permanent address listed on their W-9 or W-8. Foreign individuals or entities who cannot receive a paper check should request ACH or Direct Deposit. 

Direct Deposit (ACH)

Individuals may receive re-occurring payments from the University of Oregon electronically deposited into their checking or savings account. To do so, vendors should complete the UO Vendor Direct Deposit (ACH) Authorization form and mail or fax as instructed on the first page of the form. 

All other vendors who are companies may sign up for the Single Use Account/SUA virtual credit payment program which allows vendors to receive payment through a secure electronic method of instead of by Direct Deposit (ACH).

Foreign entities may request Direct Deposit ACH Payments by completing an ACH Credit Authorization form and returning it by mail or fax as instructed on the first page of the form.

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