ASUO Resources for Student Families

Dependent Benefit Program

Childcare Subsidy

We know supporting your family and going to school at the same time is strenuous. That's why ASUO allocates Incidental Funds to reimburse eligible student parents for childcare costs.


The Subsidy Program calculates applicants' level of need based on expenses vs. income. As such, student parents will be required to submit financial documentation to apply.


Depending on your level of need, program participants receive between 20–50% of their eligible childcare expenses, in the form of reimbursement.


Childcare subsidy funds are limited to income-qualified student parents during terms or semesters while they are enrolled in Incidental-Fee assessed courses. Funds are available annually on a limited basis.

Childcare Subsidy Policies


Online applications are preferred.

Subsidy Program Participants

Use the resources below if you have been approved as a childcare subsidy recipient. The change form is to report changes in provider, address, or recipient contact information.

Contact Info

For questions or print applications, contact the Childcare Subsidy Program. Staff members are usually available Monday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

ASUO Suite, EMU 004

Dependent Benefit Program

For Spouses, Domestic Partners, and Children of University Students

The Dependent Benefit Program extends certain Incidental Fee benefits to spouses, domestic partners, and children of University of Oregon students. These benefits, outlined in the below documents, shall be made available to the eligible beneficiaries (“dependents”) of qualified students who meet the terms and conditions of the program.

Dependent Benefit Program Explanation of Services


All university students who are assessed the incidental fee are eligible for the Dependent Benefit Program. Beneficiaries include the eligible student’s spouse, domestic partner, and/or children. Proof of eligibility and relationship are required to obtain and annually renew a benefit-certified card for each dependent.

Proof of Relationship Required Documentation

Accessing Program Benefits

In order to access Dependent Benefit Program services, dependents must have a benefit-certified card. Some service providers will also conduct an additional verification of student eligibility.

How to Obtain a Benefit-Certified Card

  1. University of Oregon students: complete the Dependent Benefit Program Application. Save time by uploading documentation for proof of relationship, for pre-review.
  2. Upon receipt, ASUO staff will act on each application within two business days. Upon approval, the applicant will receive an email indicating their application has been approved.
  3. Upon receipt of email, UO student applicants should bring their UO ID card to ASUO during business hours. If not provided previously, proof of relationship documentation will be required at this time. Eligible beneficiaries need not be present.
  4. A community card or university ID must be presented at ASUO for each dependent of approved benefit program applicants. ASUO will add a benefit certification sticker to the ID cards of each eligible dependent, thereby creating a benefit-certified card.
    • Dependents of UO students may obtain a community card at the UO card office for $10 each. Dependent photo is required.


Benefit-certified cards expire on July 31 and must be renewed annually.

To renew a benefit-certified card:

  1. University of Oregon students must complete an online renewal after July 31.
    • For any new dependents, see "How to Obtain a Benefit-Certified Card" above
  2. Upon receipt, ASUO staff will act on each renewal request within two business days. Upon approval, the applicant will receive an email indicating their renewal request has been granted.
  3. Upon receipt of email, the requesting student should bring their UO ID card as well as the benefit-certified cards of their dependents to ASUO during business hours.

Co-op Family Center

ASUO subsidizes a childcare center at the Spencer View apartment complex. Family Center Co-op is not affiliated with UO.

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Moss Street Children's Center

ASUO provides funding for the Moss Street Children's Center, a UO-affiliated childcare service located on campus, through Incidental funds allocated to the Erb Memorial Union.

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