ASUO Finance

Budget Support

ASUO Finance maintains ledgers for all student organizations funded by the I-Fee. Budget access is restricted to student officers. Individual student organizations may have up to seven different types of funds, each with different sources, purposes, and rules. ASUO Finance is available to walk you through specific budget questions or concerns. 

Transactional Support

Purchase Orders

PO's are a promise of payment from the university and are required for most student organization purchases. ASUO Finance coordinates the authorization of POs for student organization leaders upon request during business hours.

Online Purchases and Reservations

Assistance is available for student organizations regarding online purchases and orders through a procurement system. Eligible purchases include registration fees, dues, supplies and equipment, and hotels. To arrange, student organization leaders should work with ASUO Finance for a PO and a procurement appointment. 

Personal Reimbursement

Individuals are advised against making purchases on behalf of a student organization with the intention of seeking repayment from ASUO for the expense as reimbursements are complex and not guaranteed. If you do wish to seek reimbursement, contact ASUO Finance prior to incurring costs in order to ensure you understand the risks. Personal reimbursements not filed within 30 days of purchase will be forfeited.

Internal Budget Transfers 

Money is allocated to student organizations for specific activities using categories of funding called line items. Student organizations may work with ASUO Finance to transfer up to 10 percent of one line item to another item in their budget, provided this transfer does not impact food or stipend expenditures. Transfers outside of these parameters require the approval of Student Senate and the ASUO President.

Budget Transfers

Personal Service Contracts

Consultation with ASUO Finance is required for all personal service contracts and agreements which require a signature. This includes services, performer/speaker/facilitator fees, certain rental reservations, and any time a student organization is asked to sign for deliverables in advance. Personal service contracts must be requested four to six weeks before the activity or event. 

Contract-Related Forms and Resources


Student organizations must use UO-affiliated centers for printing and publication unless otherwise authorized. Please reach out directly to UO Printing for a cost estimate before seeking a PO from ASUO Finance. 

Financial Resources for Student Organizations 



Incidental Fee Budget

This page is a resource on ASUO's annual budget process and is intended to provide information for I-Fee funded and I-Fee decision makers (ASUO officers). ASUO Finance provides administrative support to ASUO officers and I-Fee funded units who interact with the Incidental Fee. Please bring your questions to ASUO Finance.

Incidental Fee Budget Book


Off-cycle Fund Requests