Student Organization Support

Student Organization Support


Student organization support is coordinated by Student Government Engagement and Success working in coordination with the ASUO Executive Branch. The Student Organization Leadership Support (SOLS) provides direct support services to ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations.

  • ASUO SOLS provides educational, informational, and event planning support to the leaders of ASUO Recognized Student Organizations.
  • ASUO SOLS serves as a resource to ASUO Officers with I-Fee financial authority.
  • Services provided by SOLS and ASUO Executive are paid for by the Incidental Fee.

Resource Guide

Education and Training

Student organization-focused education and advising helps ensure student organizations are operating effectively. It's important that student organization leaders have the support they need in order to meet their programmatic goals.

Topical Workshops

Custom workshops are available to student organizations by request. To arrange an educational session, student organization leaders should work with the ASUO Student Organization Leadership Support team.

Examples of Topic-Based Trainings:

  • Event Planning
  • How to Run a Meeting
  • Fundraising
  • Mediation
  • Managing Conflict
  • Effective Communication
  • Interrupting Bias
  • Working with the Media
  • Advocacy and Strategy
  • Recruiting and Retaining New Members

Non-Financial Advising

One-on-one and small group advising is available to all student organization leaders on a drop-in or pre-scheduled basis. SOLS team members provide support and guidance in person and via phone/email; contact them at the links on this page.

Financial Advising

Student Organization Financial Support provides on the spot assistance and support to leaders from student organizations, and is available by drop-in or via phone/email during business hours.

Student Organization Financial Support

New Leader Training

New Leader Training provides foundational education on financial management, budgeting, and use of resources to student organization leaders. Held annually, this training includes information about how to market student organization-based leadership skills to future employers.

Programs Council Meeting

This mandatory meeting is an informational conduit held each term between the ASUO Executive and student organization leaders. The Programs Council Meeting regularly includes important updates, opportunities for development, and upcoming event guidance. Student organizations will also get the opportunity to share ideas and seek support from the ASUO Executive. Student organizations who fail to send a member representing them to this meeting may have their financial accounts frozen until attendance requirements are met.

To find out more about the Programs Council, contact the ASUO Programs Administrator.

Email ASUO Programs Administrator

Event Support


ASUO SOLS can help with a variety of different needs including: fundraising ideas, trainings, planning social and cultural events, effective use of social media, leadership workshops, and attendance tracking. SOLS team members provide support and guidance in person and via phone/email; contact them at the links on this page.

Scheduling and Room Reservations

All I-Fee funded organizations may reserve rooms on campus by contacting UO Scheduling and Event Services. Most rooms are available at no cost. Only student organization representatives listed as officers in the student organization’s portal within Engage are eligible to request rooms.

To reserve a space, visit the UO Scheduling and Event Services website, or call UO Scheduling and Event Services at 541-346-6000 or drop by their office on the second floor of the EMU.

Administrative Support

Engage File Sharing and Data Collection

Engage is a data management system intended for use by student organizations. During the 2019-20 academic year, the Engage system replaced OrgSync.

Officer access within Engage will be elevated to ensure student organization leaders have the electronic resources necessary to conduct the responsibilities of their position. Student leaders should contact the SOLS team to ensure Engage access is set up appropriately; contact them at the links on this page.


Computers, Multifunction Printer, Fax

The shared computers within the Center for Student Involvement are for use by student organization leaders.

A multi-function printer and copier is also available to support officers. Use of the printer requires a copy code. Student organization leaders may obtain the copy code associated with their organization from the ASUO front desk.

A fax machine is available to student organization leaders; please ask at the ASUO front desk.

Mail and Package Collection

Every ASUO student organization has a mail file located in the ASUO Suite. Mail assistance is available from the ASUO front desk. During the academic year, student organization mail needs to be picked up at least once each month.

Package delivery is coordinated by the ASUO front desk. Student organization leaders will receive an email notification if packages arrive for their organization.

CSI Student Organization Storage

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) offers lockers for student organizations that do not have an office space on campus but need a space to store student organization related items. Storage lockers are available for one academic year and can be renewed each year.

Storage Locker Request

CSI Supply Nest

The Supply Nest is located in the Center for Student Involvement Resource Center and has most items that student organizations may need for events. This includes lights, table decor, audio equipment, coolers, games, and much more. Student organization leaders may borrow supplies from the Supply Nest at no charge.

Request to Borrow Form


CSI Craft Room

Art supplies are available to student organization leaders in the CSI Resource Center at no charge. Available items include paint, markers, craft paper, balloons, ribbon, tape and other supplies for art projects. Paint and drying tables are available for use in the CSI. Art creation must occur in the CSI, as these items are not available for check-out.

Marketing Support

Graphic Design Services

Leaders from student organizations may request designs for flyers, brochures, tabling materials, and other projects to promote their organization or event. A member of the ASUO Creative team meets with each student organization to discuss the design and ensure the graphic matches the vision of the requestor.

  • Graphic design services provided by ASUO Creative are available to ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations at no cost.
  • Marketing consultation and UO marketing policy guidance are also available.
  • The time from submission of request to completion of project is 7-10 business days.

Graphic Design Request Form

Digital Display Design Services

Student organizations may use the digital displays located in the buildings throughout campus to advertise their events, recruit members, or share a message. Slides must be designed to meet size parameters and in accordance with copyright and trademark policies.

The ASUO SOLS service center offers digital display consultation and design services to student organizations at no charge. 

To arrange and reserve digital displays within the EMU, contact UO Scheduling and Event Services.

CSI Poster Distribution Services

The CSI Resource Center offers a poster distribution service to student organizations. This fee-based service helps increase awareness of student organization activities and events. For a small fee, CSI Staff Members will hang your organization’s posters or flyers along a pre-set strategic route on campus.

Poster Route Distribution Request