ASUO Elections


ASUO’s 2023 Spring Term Election

Each spring ASUO elects student officers to serve in leadership positions with the student government association through a campus-wide election. This event also allows for the collection of student body input on initiatives and referenda of importance to students. 

Every member of ASUO is eligible to vote in the election, which is conducted electronically and is coordinated by a group of students called the Elections Board.

The Spring Election polls will open at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 11, and close at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, April 14. The results of the election will be posted as soon as they are available.

Mandatory Candidate and Manager Meeting

All candidates and campaign managers are required to attend a mandatory candidate and manager meeting. Individuals who may be interested in filing as a candidate or campaign manager should attend as well. These meetings have already occurred for 2023 and a video recording is available to any candidates or managers who were unable to attend.

Watch the 2023 Candidate and Manager Meeting

If candidates or managers have questions about items discussed in the meeting or video, they should email

Candidate Filing

Run for office and become a student government leader! Individuals who serve in ASUO are uniquely situated to influence the activities and endeavors of importance to students. Throughout their term, ASUO Officers gain leadership skills as they analyze issues, solve problems, and engage with others through public speaking and writing.

  • ASUO Senators initiate Incidental Fee funding decisions, craft and publish formal opinions of the UO student body, and bear responsibility for the confirmation decisions of new officer appointments. Senators interact often with the leaders of ASUO’s 200+ recognized student organizations. 
  • Academic Senators serve as a liaison between ASUO and the academic constituencies they represent. Time commitment is estimated at 10–15 hours per week.
  • Finance Committee Members, including Finance Senators, shape the financial priorities of their committee and make incidental fund decisions which support these priorities. Estimated time commitment for At-Large Members is 10–15 hours per week and for Finance Senators is 15–20 hours per week.
  • The ASUO President and Vice President serve as liaisons between university students and university administrators, oversee a cabinet of 20–30 students, and are responsible identifying and carrying out campaigns in order to positively impact the student body. Time commitment for these positions is estimated at 20–40 hours per week.  

Any UO student enrolled at least half time who has been assessed the Incidental Fee for the current term or semester is eligible to seek office. Some of the positions are further limited by degree of study. The deadline to file to seek office is 5:00 p.m. on March 15, 2023.

Considering running for office?

  1. Decide. Check out the Open Positions document to determine which position you’re interested in. Drop by the ASUO Office or contact us at if you’d like to connect with a current ASUO Officer to discuss the different positions.
  2. Prepare. Review the Election Rules to gain understanding of the signature collection requirements and process. If the position you are seeking requires the collection of signatures, utilize the appropriate signature collection form in order to gather signatures from ASUO Members in alignment with Elections Rules Section 4.3. Completed signature forms will be collected at the time a candidate for President or Senate files the Candidate and Manager Filing Form.
    • Candidates for ASUO President, if seeking office without a running mate (ASUO Vice President), must collect at least 200 ASUO Member Signatures.
    • Candidates for ASUO President, if seeking office with a running mate (ASUO Vice President), must work together to collect at least 325 ASUO Member Signatures.
    • Candidates for Senate must collect at least 50 ASUO Member Signatures.
  3. Learn. Attend the Candidate Briefing or email the Elections Board before that day to make an alternate arrangement.
  4. File for Office. Complete the Candidate and Manager Filing Form by the 5:00 p.m. March 15 deadline. You’ll be asked to submit a photo of yourself, and you’ll also be asked to respond to several questions designed to help voters understand you, your values, and your priorities. Your responses and your photo will be published in the ASUO Voter Guide. Before you file, you will want to prepare your written responses to these questions:
    • What is the purpose of student government?
    • If elected, what role will you play as a campus leader?
    • What are the top issues faced by UO students and how will you leverage your new position to address them?
    • Is there any other information you want voters to know about you or your candidacy?
  5. Campaign. Promote your candidacy while adhering to campaign rules and timeline. During the election, broadly circulate the electronic link to vote.