Part of the University of Oregon Division of Student Life, Student Government Engagement and Success (SGES) provides direct support to ASUO's Officers and Student Leaders from ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations. With the assistance of approximately 25 student employees, SGES coordinates services in seven key areas:

  • Student Organization Financial Support
  • ASUO Benefits
  • ASUO Student Organization Support
  • ASUO Creative Design Services
  • Student Government Administrative Services

SGES Mission

We facilitate growth through civics and engagement. 

Internally, we:

  1. Advise, coach, and serve as a resource to ASUO Officers and Student Organization (SO) Leaders.
  2. Coordinate education, development, and continuity for ASUO Officers and SO Leaders.
  3. Manage ASUO administrative and financial services for students and SOs, in alignment with ASUO Mission, policies, rules, and governance documents.
  4. Provide opportunities for student employees to expand their career readiness skills.

Institutionally, we:

  1. Educate and advocate on behalf of civics and engagement.
  2. Coordinate continuity through transitional support and during ASUO's annual election.
  3. Ensure ASUO endeavors meet institutional standards and adhere to state and federal law.