Fund and Account Types

All student organization funds are managed by ASUO Finance. A description of each fund type is listed below. These fund types may also be referred to as “fundraising accounts” or “accounts.”   

  • All funds managed by ASUO must adhere to UO Policies and state and federal law.
  • Most funds managed by ASUO must also adhere to ASUO Policies.

Event (E-Fund)

Event Revenue is money that is raised using the I-Fund, often from tickets sales revenue. These funds rollover to the next fiscal year if they are not spent and must adhere to ASUO and UO policies.

General (G-Fund)

General Fund is a term used to describe money allocated to departments from tuition and fees and from the State of Oregon. Departments may use these funds to co-sponsor student organizations’ programming or administrative expenses. General Funds need to be kept separate from other monies due to certain rules and restrictions. They also must be spent in adherence with department specifications that were established when the funds were allocated. If the department does not request that any unspent funds be returned, these funds rollover to the next fiscal year. All General Fund allocations must adhere to UO policies. 

Non-Event (N-Fund)

Non-Event revenue is money collected from fundraising. ASUO Rules prevent the use of I-Funds for fundraising activities. Common fundraising activities of ASUO-Recognized Student Organizations include off-campus bake sales, dues/deposits paid by members, restaurant proceeds, or funding awards sourced by off-campus organizations. These funds rollover to the next fiscal year if they are not spent and must adhere to UO policies.

Unrestricted Donations (U-Fund)

Unrestricted gift revenue are donated funds from third parties where the use of funds is not specific or restricted by the donor and/or money is transferred from the UO Foundation. Deposits into the U-Fund cannot be from government agencies, co-sponsorships, or any endeavor in which the donor receives benefits (such as advertisements.) These funds may never be used to buy alcohol. These funds rollover to the next fiscal year if they are not spent and must adhere to UO policies.

Designated (Restricted) Donations (D-Fund)

Designated donation revenue is money either donated from outside sources or transferred from the UO Foundation which has a specified intent. Deposits into the D-Fund can only be from private donors. As with all funds managed by ASUO, D-Funds may not be used to buy alcohol. D-Funds rollover to the next fiscal year if they are not spent and must adhere to UO policies.

Trust (T-Fund)

Trust funds are agency funds, or funds under the custody of the university, generated through on- and off-campus fundraising. Agency funds are not I-Funds and cannot be co-mingled with any other type of fund. Similarly, deposits into the T-Fund cannot originate from events partially or wholly funded through any of the other types of funds. T-Funds unspent at the end of the fiscal year rollover to the next year.

  • T-Funds may be used to pay for fundraising activities, such as off-campus bake sales or membership dues.
  • T-Funds have fewer restrictions than other student organization funds. For example, they may be used for gifts to employees, food or refreshments at meetings, and donations to legitimate charitable organizations.
  • T-Funds may not be used to purchase alcohol, nor can they be used for motor pool, university contracts, and university-associated payroll costs.
  • As of 2017, ASUO Finance phased out the creation of T-Funds for student organizations in response to UO Policy changes.

ASUO Finance acts as the fiscal agent for the deposit and disbursement of student organization-held agency funds. Approximately ten percent of ASUO Recognized Student Organizations have active balances in these types of accounts, and organization leaders should work with ASUO Finance on T-Fund deposits and withdrawals.