Child Care Subsidy

ASUO helps eligible student parents by reimbursing them for a portion of the costs associated with caring for their child or children. The Child Care Subsidy Program is paid for by Incidental Fees and coordinated by the Office of the Dean of Students.


The Child Care Subsidy Program is open to UO students who meet three criteria:

  1. They must be enrolled in classes, either full or part time, and have been assessed Incidental Fees (student government fees) for the current term/semester;
  2. They must meet enrollment and work requirements; and
  3. They must be eligible and participating in at least one of the seven state or federal assistance programs identified in program guidelines.

Child Care Subsidy Program Guidelines

Program Changes Effective July 1, 2021

  • The operations of the Child Care Subsidy Program has transitioned to the Office of the Dean of Students. We anticipate a seamless transition for program participants. Please continue to contact us by email at and by telephone at 541-346-0632.
  • The practice of directly paying affiliated providers for any portion of eligible childcare expenses on behalf of program participants has been discontinued.


Applicants must use their UO credentials to log in to Engage in order to access subsidy program forms.

Child Care Subsidy Application

Contact Info

For questions, contact the Child Care Subsidy Program.


Care for the Children of Student Parents

Co-op Family Center

ASUO subsidizes a child care center located at the Spencer View apartment complex. The Co-op Family Center prioritizes enrollment for the children of active university students yet is not affiliated with the university.

Learn More About Co-op Family Center

Moss Street Children's Center

ASUO provides funding for the Moss Street Children's Center, a university-affiliated child care which prioritizes enrollment for the children of UO students. The Moss Street Children’s Center is located on campus and operated by the Erb Memorial Union.

Learn More About Moss Street Children's Center