Surplus and Transfer Requests

Request Resources

Qualifying organizations are eligible to request funds from the Incidental Fund Surplus, and ASUO-Recognized Student Oganizations may also request transfers within their organization's budget. This process involves five steps, the first of which is to complete and submit the appropriate form. Please carefully review all instructions before you begin a form.


Five-Step Process

Completion of a request is step one of a five-step process. We suggest you initiate a request at least three weeks prior to the date funds are needed, or seven weeks prior for requests involving contracted services.

  1. Complete the appropriate form and submit. ASUO Finance will review. Should ASUO Finance require additional information to address insufficient or unclear data, the requestor will be notified by email and must take action to correct the identified issues before this request may proceed to the scheduling stage. Submit the form by 5:00 p.m. on a Friday.
  2. Meet with an ASUO senator to discuss your request (not required for student organizations requesting or transferring less than $999). Representatives of the requesting student organization may do this before or after the request form has been submitted. However, their request will not be scheduled until this meeting occurs. Remember, senate agendas are finalized 48 hours in advance of each hearing.
    Departments requesting surplus funds must also meet with a DFC member. There are two DFC members who are also senators; if you meet with either of them, you need only meet once. Contact to schedule this meeting.
  3. Once scheduled, representatives from the requesting organization must testify regarding your request, at the date and time the requestor was notified to attend a senate hearing.
  4. If your request passes senate, it must be communicated by senate to the ASUO executive, for review by the ASUO president. This may take several days.
  5. If the ASUO president approves, your request will be transferred to ASUO Finance so they may make the approved fund transfers. This may take up to five working days. If the ASUO president vetoes, your request will not move forward.

The senate president will not schedule your request until your form has been accepted (all edits made) and you have met with the officer(s) as you are required.

Forms will be denied/returned to requestor if:

  • Request is for a contracted service which fails to meet contract processing timelines.
  • Request is for an expenditure which occurs in a different fiscal year (e.g. before July 1 or after June 30).
  • Requested activity/expenditure does not meet allowable use of Incidental Fee or is not allowable under UO policy.
  • Request is incomplete or misrepresents organization's account data (e.g. request uses the wrong organization account number).
  • Requester has requested student organization funding and is not an officer for the requesting organization.
  • Requester contacts ASUO Finance and asks that the request be denied or returned for edits.

A note on senate hearings:

During the academic year, Student Senate meets most Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. in the Dusty Miller Room of the EMU. Senate does not meet during finals week and has the option to meet during week 10 and the week of Thanksgiving. Please plan accordingly.

In the summer, Student Senate meets monthly on a schedule of their selection. Contact ASUO Finance to find out when and where the next upcoming Summer Senate will occur.

The Student Senate president finalizes the senate agenda 48 hours in advance of the senate hearing, as required by ASUO's governing documents. Only requests which have fulfilled steps one and two, above, may be scheduled at that time. Exceptions will not be made.

Before you begin:

  1. A separate form should be completed for each event, program, or activity.
  2. Student organizations often find it helpful to obtain a copy of their current ledger from ASUO Finance prior to completion; this document identifies the fund balances, account codes, and line items information required for accuracy. Doing so may save you time addressing corrections or requests for missing data later. Officers may obtain a copy at ASUO Finance during business hours or by email:
  3. Any requests which result in surplus allocations to ASUO-recognized student organizations must be spent prior to June 30, in accordance with fiscal year-end policies.


For general questions about the special request process, accessing or completing the form, or to inquire about the status of your request, please drop by ASUO Finance during business hours or contact or 541-346-0626. 

For questions related to the senate hearing schedule or the result of the hearing, please contact the Student Senate president at