Opportunities to Serve

There are plenty of ways to serve the ASUO, from positions as an officer, to volunteer work or a committee position. Students interested in serving with the ASUO complete an application and are then matched to service opportunities complimenting their skillset by an ASUO Officer. For some positions the student will be nominated and then passed through ASUO for approval. This process can sometimes take several weeks. 

Officers of the ASUO

ASUO Officers represent student opinion on important topics across the campus. From engagement campaigns to decisions about the I-Fee, officers exercise skills in leadership, communication, and social responsibility.

Approximately half of the 81 officer positions are filled during ASUO's campus-wide election Spring Term. The remaining seats, along with any other vacancies that arise, are filled by appointment in accordance with equal opportunity and affirmative action requirements.

Broadly, the responsibilities of all ASUO officers are to

1. Uphold the ASUO Mission

2. Fulfill ASUO responsibilities to the University of Oregon

3. Adhere to the duties outlined in the ASUO Governance Documents. 

ASUO Executive Cabinet Positions

UO Boards, Committees, Advisory Groups 

The ASUO President is responsible for nominating or appointing students to serve on 25 different university-wide committees, boards, and advisory groups. To fill these positions, the executive circulates the opportunities, collects applications from interested students, and interviews candidates to select the best nominee or appointee for each position. 

To apply, ASUO Members must complete an application for appointment and meet with an ASUO Officer for an interview. 

UO Committees, Advisory Groups, and Boards