About the I-Fee

The Incidental Fee, also known as the I-Fee, is a fee paid by students through their course registration process. The ASUO uses an open and democratic system when allocating the collection of Incidental Fees, which currently total approximately $17 million.

ASUO’s I-Fee budgeting process is a 6-month endeavor beginning with the collection of budget requests during the first part of Fall Term and culminating part way through Winter Term with Senate’s review and approval of budget decisions made by committee. The legislative branch oversees the funding process, and as soon as budget decisions are made by Student Senate, the proposed budget is subject to the approval or veto of the ASUO President.

ASUO’s recommended budget is subject to the review and approval of the UO President as well as the UO Board of Trustees. This process is outlined in the Incidental Fee Authorization Policy.

Incidental Fee Authorization Policy

Where the I-Fee Goes

The I-Fee directly supports thousands of services, programs, and endeavors that fall within ASUO’s mission to provide for the social, cultural, education, and physical development of its members and for the advancement of their individual and collective interests.

Student Organizations

Over 200 student organizations are recognized by the ASUO, each of which has access to Incidental Funds.

Erb Memorial Union

The Erb Memorial Union houses services and programs for students, including administrative offices, scheduling and event services, a ticket office, copy center, retail food services, and a variety of Incidental Fee-funded programs such as the Center for Student Involvement, Moss Street Children’s Center, the Craft Center, and Club Sports.

Contracted Services

Campus-wide contracts ensure student access to services that are not provided by the university. The Athletics and Contracts Finance Committee (ACFC) manages these agreements.

Contracted Services

Department-Based Programs

I-Funds support sixteen campus departments, including Student Government Engagement and Success, Safe Ride and DDS, Mills International Center, the Women’s Center, Oregon Athletic Bands, and more.


Key services funded by the I-Fee include:

  • Athletic tickets
  • Ducks After Dark
  • LTD passes
  • ASUO Legal Services
  • Designated Driver Shuttle and Safe Ride
  • ASUO Conflict Resolution Services
  • Campus events, conferences, and speakers
  • Sexual Assault Support Services
  • Mills International Center Coffee Hour
  • ASUO Street Faire
  • Folk Festival and other concerts
  • Publications such as Ethos, Student Insurgent, Oregon Commentator, Oregon Voice, Siren, Oregon Daily Emerald
  • University Theatre
  • EMU Craft Center
  • Outdoor Program
  • Cultural events
  • Child care subsidy
  • Family Center Co-op
  • Club Sports