If you have received a Notice of Allegations or an Educational Plan letter from Student Conduct and Community Standards, please schedule an appointment as soon as possible to ensure you receive the best possible support.

Student Advocacy Program

The Student Advocacy Program assists students and student groups who need support navigating university processes, including petitions, conduct cases, and appeals. 

We provide two central services to students: 

  • Private, comprehensive peer-to-peer support via our Peer Advocates
  • Free, confidential legal representation via attorney support

Please scroll down for more information about each area. Unsure which service is right for you? Call us at 541-346-3722 and we will help you find the right resources and support for your unique situation.

Peer Advocacy 

The Student Advocacy Program Peer Advocates help students navigate the UO’s processes and resolve issues they may encounter at the institution. We empower students to overcome these obstacles, plan, build, and develop strategies to succeed wherever they are on campus. 

The Peer Advocates can assist with issues including conduct violations, housing disputes, grading and enrollment issues, financial aid problems, and much more. Our campus can be difficult to navigate on your own, and we are here to help.  We will help you understand next steps, make appropriate referrals, and locate on- and off-campus resources. Funded by ASUO as part of the Incidental Fee, UO students may seek our assistance and support at no additional cost.

Our Peer Advocates are available both in person and virtually. We are located on the third floor of the EMU, Room 339, reachable via the elevator located nearest the EMU Fishbowl. 

There are many ways to access our support. You can: 

  • Schedule a meeting in person or virtually via our scheduling tool.
  • Check out drop-in hours for the term and visit our office without an appointment necessary.
  • Call us at 541-346-3722 to schedule a meeting or determine if we are the right office to assist you. 
  • Email us at studentadvocacy@uoregon.edu.

Attorney Support

Attorney Scope of Representation

The Student Advocacy Program attorney provides legal advice, counsel, and direct support to students or student organizations involved in conduct matters, grievances, or other processes at the UO. The SAP attorney’s services are limited to on-campus matters, and do not extend to criminal or civil cases outside of the university. The SAP attorney cannot represent a student or student organization in a matter against ASUO student government, nor can the attorney represent ASUO student government in matters against the UO. 

The following situations are examples of cases typically handled by the SAP attorney: 

  • Students facing removal from campus, including suspension, expulsion, and/or negative transcript notation; 
  • Students facing removal from University Housing, including eviction or an administrative move to another residence hall; 
  • Students seeking a support person for non-removal cases in Student Conduct and University Housing; 
  • Any case of discriminatory misconduct involving the Office of Investigations and Civil Rights Compliance; and 
  • Students seeking active support for appealing a decision from any campus office, including Student Conduct, University Housing, Financial Aid, and the Accessible Education Center. 

If you are unsure what service is right for your specific situation, you can reach out to the SAP Peer Advocates at 541-346-3722 for more information. Students seeking legal advice and representation regarding off-campus disputes should reach out to ASUO Student Legal Services.

Attorney Access 

The SAP attorney’s services are available to UO students who have been assessed the Incidental Fee for the current term or semester. During the summer, students remain eligible for SAP services provided they are registered for Incidental Fee-assessed courses during the following fall term or fall semester. 

Attorney consultations are conducted virtually and available by scheduling an appointment online. After scheduling your meeting, you will be automatically redirected to the intake survey. You will then receive a follow-up email to your "@uoregon" email address with more information regarding how to prepare for your meeting. 

No student is required to use the services of the Student Advocacy Program Peer Advocates or attorney. Students may, at all times, obtain assistance from an attorney or other person of their choice at their own expense. 

Attorney Confidentiality 

The SAP attorney is a confidential employee of the university bound by professional ethical requirements, including the Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct. The SAP attorney cannot release any case information to a third party without the express written consent of the student or student organization.

Attorney Conflict Statement 

The SAP attorney observes the conflict of interest rules established by the Oregon State Bar and Oregon Rules of Professional Conduct.